Hey thanks for stopping by to check out the IndieStudios Wedding Packages! I know that your immediate interest is going to be about how much it’s going to cost you, but before that, I really want to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting when you book a wedding with us.

Every wedding is as individual as the couple starting their new life together. Their needs and wants vary greatly, and it is an important part of my job to ensure your package is tailored to you. With this in mind, our prices start at $3000 AUD

What Makes the IndieStudios Wedding Experience Different?

We firmly believe that catering to your needs is about so much more than just rocking up with a camera to your wedding day. It’s all in the planning, preparation and post-wedding production.

We believe in caring so much that we’ve written it into our business plan. Our vision statement is quite literally:

To give you the fine dining experience of photo and film.


So What’s Included in the IndieStudios Wedding Package?

Let me just say that at IndieStudios, we believe in the magic of print. As a photographer, there is literally nothing else quite like that moment when a newly married couple open their album for the first time.

Comprehensive Coverage – from getting ready right through to the reception formalities, all the fun stuff!

All digital files delivered to you – Digital files are provided as a download through the gallery in your client portal

A beautiful flush mount album (24 sides inclusive – more available)

A enlarged framed photo of your choice to hang on your wall. This will be the picture that sums up your wedding day in an moment captured by us here at indiestudios. We plan this print to match your home decor requirments.



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