December 19, 2018

KC Dance PHOTOS- 2018

First of all, thank you everyone for your patience while I edited the photos from KC Dance Photo Day 2018.

You can click through to the images and place your orders using the following link and password:


The password is: 

Despite my best efforts to complete the editing with enough time for Christmas orders, unfortunately this did not work out. My suggestion is to buy the downloads and have them printed at your local print shop. If you can wait however, the print quality coming from the online orders is very high as it is from a professional lab rather than a regular store. 

* Please note that you are not limited to one package, you can choose to purchase a combination of packages if you wish.

The Digital Packages Available

Combination Pack

The Prints & Individual Downloads

The Concert Video

I will be in touch very soon with regard to the video download that will be available for purchase for $20, or free with every order over $50. Please note that this will be available as a downloadable file rather than on a disk.

Thanks again for your support this year.