August 16, 2016

How To Turn Visitors Into Clients – The IndieStudios Web Funnel

First off let me say that this isn’t my idea. I was recently listening to ‘The art of paid traffic’ podcast and Rick interviewed a guy called Adam Sand.


He told a story about how in the last two months he had managed to increase business at his local roofing company by up to 40%! I thought wow! 40% is HUGE!!

Rick and Adam had my attention and I was carefully listening to the plan that would allow me to create a steady stream of clients to my business using Facebook ads and a website. The thing that excited me so much about his plan was that if it worked successfully for me, I can implement it on my web clients sites, and give them more leads and clients to their local businesses. So last night I sat down and wrote down my plan… here it is:

The IndieStudios web funnel for small business

Today I am simply documenting what I am setting out to do. This is the process in a nutshell:

The IndieStudios Web Funnel Plan


My target audience for this advert will be tradies (Tradespeople – I’m Aussie)  who need a new website, or an existing website updated. To situate myself in a position of authority I will be creating an ebook that is targeted at helping a tradie ask the right questions of a web developer to know they are not being ‘ripped off’ or being sold something they don’t need. After some consideration, I may toy with the idea of a ‘cheat sheet’ rather than an ‘ebook’ to appeal more effectively to my target ‘tradie’ market.


The purpose of this page is to collect an email address and send them the confirmation email. NOTE: This will be a non-branded web page and the eBook/cheat sheet will also be non-branded.


After the prospective client clicks the ‘confirmation’ link in their email it will send them to this thank you page where they can easily download the ebook. This page also contains something very important, a device that is used to identify those potential clients who are ready and actually looking for someone to build them a new website. I’m not completely sure what this will be (it will need to be tested) but I am thinking something along the lines of ‘free hosting for 1 year’ or a ‘10% discount’ maybe to those who would like to book an appointment today. This will be in the form of a clickable image that will take them to the next page – The Appointment Booking Page.


The purpose of this page really is to obtain the clients phone number. Hopefully enough rapport has been built and we have been established enough as the ‘experts’ in the field that when we get to this point it should be a very high conversion rate.

So, getting things started.

I’m thinking the best place to start is the ebook/cheat sheet. From there I will throw up some bootstrap landing pages to collect emails and things. It’s going to require some discipline to get an ebook created. The software I will be using is ‘Scrivener’ for mac to structure the ebook. This is a great piece of software I’ve used a number of times to keep focus on writing and form structure.

Wish me luck… I’ll let you know how it goes.