A BRIDE.. A BEACH.. AND A HORSE… // A Beautiful Morning

Wow! Seriously, what an amazing morning!! I met my sister Mel on the beach at Beachmere (close to Bribie Island) and spent about an hour photographing what turned out to be an epic morning, with some super dramatic cloud action going on!

Mel has been wanting for a long time to do a shoot like this with her wedding dress on her horse, it has just never really panned out until now. One of the great things was that Milo (the horse) was so obedient and did exactly what she wanted without being too worried about the rather large wedding dress hanging down.

I believe this type of shoot is what’s referred to as a ‘trash the dress’ shoot. That just means that you take a beautiful gown and place it in a situation where it would normally be considered ‘out of place’. Milo the horse certainly did take care of much of the ‘trashing’, but dry cleaning can work wonders :-).

If you’re interested in a similar (or something completely different) type shoot, hit me up and we can make it happen! I’m up for the challenge!

So, on with the show, here are the images from the morning. I have to say I’m pretty proud of these.

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